Interactive christmas
Client: portal about creative and advertising –
Agency: Peppermint interactive
Oleg Bolyuk
Director Adme.UA
In a project where production solves a lot, the choice was obvious. Only the most awarded digital production house in Ukraine could realize our idea for the most demanding CA - advertisers.
Everyone wants to get the gifts for the New Year and advertisers are no exception.
On the eve of 2013 the dream began to come true!
Now we need to - to present their idea for Santa Client.

Develop a New Year's greeting for visitors of advertising portal ADME.UA.

Now we know that every creator dreams of Cannes Lion.

Create an interactive card, which is based on the insight of the target audience.

Everyone is waiting for Santa Claus with gifts for the new year.
But ad agencies are waiting for confirmation budgets.

We have created a virtual Santa client meeting room, where anyone could present their wishes and compete for the budget for its implementation.