Power company
Client: Kyivenergo
Maxim Rabinovich
commercial director
of «Kyivenergo»
«The main idea of this site it’s solution the maximum amounts of tasks or providing information for client without leaving the office or home.
However, we have very broad audience and we needs to make the site at the same time extremely easy to use and technologically advanced simultaneously. Studio7 coped with the task 100%, become not just as a developer but as an external business consultant».
Develop innovative website for clients «Kyivenergo».
In this project, we weren't just developers, but we have become full business consultants. We proposed a corporate website that would help solve the real customers problems, minimizing recourse to their off-line customer service center.

We have created a website with clear navigation and most affordable solution.

It’s platform, where users can find useful information and solve most of their problems.